In Switzerland and neighbouring countries, the number of hikers, cyclists, joggers and mountain bikers is constantly increasing. This places greater pressure on leisure areas close to urban areas as well as on more remote or touristy regions. In order to ensure that leisure-time and holiday sports enthusiasts have an enjoyable experience, an appropriate and, above all, high-quality infrastructure is needed.

Did you know?

The Federal Sports Office (BASPO), in its study Sport Schweiz 2020, points out that in Switzerland there are now more people who practice mountain biking than people who play soccer in their free time. Nevertheless, almost every municipality has a soccer field (often more than one), but there are not as many paths or infrastructures dedicated to mountain biking, although the latter generate much less costs, especially in maintenance. If one wanted to invest in MTB as much as one invests in soccer, for each field about 5km of trails would have to be built.

Together with our partners we offer you: 

  • construction of new biking trails
  • modification of existing trails to meet the needs of bikers
  • maintenance of hiking and biking trails
  • construction of playgrounds, trail/skill centers for MTB (e.g. walkways, bumps, elevated turns, etc.)

Our team of experts will provide you with the best possible advice in this area and support you in the construction of your perfect trail, in the optimal modification of an existing trail or in the creation of biker-friendly structures to make it easier or more attractive for bikers.

What is a mountain bike trail?

A mountain bike path, which is called a "trail" in slang, is a path that at first glance does not differ much from the classic hiking trail and that is already used by bikers today. There are, however, fundamental differences that make a trail worthy of its name and that differentiate it from a trail designed exclusively for hikers.


What characterises a trail?

A trail is built according to specific criteria:

  • pleasant to ride on a MTB
  • sustainable in terms of maintenance and in terms of the environment and nature
  • not too steep slopes
  • regular and "logical" route
  • Rainwater management
  • minimal impact, both visual and on nature
  • limit the potential conflicts between the various users
What are the advantages?
The advantages of a purpose-built or optimised trail for bikers are many and varied:
  • lower maintenance costs
  • less conflicts between users
  • limitation of illegal trails
  • less environmental impact
  • if it is part of a network, it becomes a tourist product
  • easy communication of the offer

Our role is that of facilitators, coordinators and implementers. First, we sit down with you to get to know the details of your project and to get involved in your vision. This is followed by an on-site visit and, if you wish, by our evaluation of the project as a whole. We will then gladly make you an offer based on what we have discussed. We then take care of the communication with and involvement of all interested parties (owners, authorities, etc.). With our experience, know-how and many contacts we are sure to drive your project forward.

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Report defects, damage and occurrences


Please report here any defects you have encountered on a hiking or biking trail to the relevant authorities:

  • Damaged, missing or wrong signposts
  • Impassable or damaged trails
  • Damaged buildings (bridges, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous

Thank you for your valuable assistance!


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