Code of conduct

More and more people are taking up mountain biking, and that's a good thing! To ensure good coexistence on the trails, in which we strongly believe, we invite you to follow the following code of conduct.

Follow the simple tips, surprise positively and thus help to increase acceptance for mountain biking.

Tolerance and respect

  • give way to other trail users
  • downhillers give way to uphillers
  • announce your arrival in advance
  • there is always time to say hello (with a smile)
  • reduce speed when crossing other users and, if necessary, stop and get off the bike
  • avoids busy trails
  • promote mutual tolerance - share the trail!

Preserve what you love

  • only use biking, hiking or dedicated trails
  • riding off marked trails is taboo
  • respects signs, detours and bans

Respect animals

  • if you encounter animals, stop and wait until they have backed off
  • close gates and fences
  • stay away from livestock and herd protection dogs by pushing your bike and crossing the pasture on foot

Leave no trace

  • do not block the wheels when braking - you damage the path and wear out the tyres unnecessarily
  • avoid riding on the trails after heavy rain
  • do not leave any rubbish behind

Master your bike

  • you are always able to brake within the visible range
  • adapt your speed to the circumstances
  • plan the tour, carefully assess your capabilities and the weather

Well equipped and informed

  • always wear a helmet
  • you have a repair kit and a pharmacy with you
  • clothing suitable for the conditions and rain protection on longer tours
  • your bike complies with the law and you have lights with you if you return late
  • in case of need you can alert the rescue services: 112


  • Coexistence strategy paper, SwitzerlandMobility (PDF)
  • Code of conduct, BFU (link)
  • Mountain bike code of conduct, (PDF)
  • Responsible riding - Rules of the trail, IMBA (link
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